Hi everyone 🤗
Now there is a new and better feedback forum in the app! 🎉
Previously, feedback was a bit scattered between my emails, DMs via social media, and forum posts. This made it difficult to keep track of how many users requested which feature.
Also, only those who actively engaged got to cast their votes. I want to make it really easy for every user to have a say.
To better organize everything and ensure that I build what most users actually want, there is now a dedicated forum in the app.
  • Tap “Ideas & Bugs” (or similar)
notion image
  • Submit ideas, report bugs and vote in polls!
notion image
Let's see how it goes, and I hope you'll like it!
Jakob from Brickmonkey
February 5, 2024

  • Votes and requests from Premium users will be weighted higher internally once pro is out.
  • You need to be signed in and have a username to participate.
  • I'll categorize your posts with these tags:
    • New - for new posts or posts where I am waiting for clarification.
    • Considering - considering adding it to the app; please upvote to show interest.
    • Planned - it's in the pipeline; please upvote for prioritization.
    • Done - Now available in the app 🎉
    • Closed - closed because it's off topic, not planned or the user is not answering.