We are excited to have such an active community and here are some questions that come up repeatedly.
This page is a work in progress. Please let us know if you can’t find an answer or have suggestions!

FAQ & How-To

How can I request a new feature or report a bug?
To reach out to us, you can send us an email to hello@brickmonkey.io, use the in-app feedback (HomeScreen → “More” → “Feedback”) or join our discord server.
How can I help to improve the app?
  1. You can simply use the app and provide feedback when you have any ideas or encounter bugs.
  1. You can improve the database by submitting images (see below).
  1. The more people use it, the more feedback we receive and the faster we can improve the app. Please consider sharing the app with your fellow LEGO fans :)
How can I upload images? (video)
  1. Navigate to the specific part or Minifigure.
  1. Press the button “Upload Images” at the bottom.
  1. Take images.
  1. Press submit.
Video preview
from 07:16 – Upload Images
I cannot see the part or Minifigure in the app. Maybe it does not exist yet?!
You can submit images by going to "More" in the app and pressing "Feedback". You can put the ID into the comment field if you know it.
Uploading images is incredibly helpful because you (and everyone else) will see better images from then onwards. If you submit torso images, you will also improve the recognition accuracy.
We currently store the number of submissions from each user and will show it in the app in a future release.
How do you make money?
Currently, we are not making any money and are instead 100% focused on building a great product. Our goal is to create the most productive and convenient app for resellers and collectors. However, we do need to make money at some point. For this, we plan to offer a free and a premium version. The premium version will not contain ads, will allow unlimited scanning, and will have additional features such as integrations with store management software to make professionals more productive. There will always be a free version that works well for casual users that scan a limited number of parts.
How can I integrate the app with my current workflow?
  1. You can export your collection as an XML file and import it into software such as BrickStore or BrickTrac. To do that, go to “More” and press the “Export Collection” button.
  1. You can copy the ID from the app with one tap and paste it into the software of your choice. For example, for the iOS and macOS combination, you can seamlessly copy the ID on the phone and paste it via CMD+V on mac.
We are working on seamless integrations with store management tools using programmatic interfaces. Let us know what you would like to see!
How can I contact you?
To reach out to us, you can send us an email to hello@brickmonkey.io, use the in-app feedback (HomeScreen → “More” → “Feedback”) or join our discord server.
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